Friday, February 5, 2010

John's retired and the planning has begun!

Retiring is scary. You plan and plan and take the plunge and then the stock market does too! So you just pray that you can figure out how to live on that fixed income that suddenly looks so small although it really isn't.

It's just scary knowing that there are no more paychecks coming in. Well, maybe from my decorating business but I'm slowing down, too, so you just hope and pray that you've done the right thing at the right time. In John's parting interview with his team, he told them that if he had been more aggressive with his 401K sooner that we could have retired sooner so let that be a lesson to you millennium out there.

Anyway, the planning that I am talking about is our three month adventure to England, the fulfillment of my big dream, maybe not quite John's but he's excited, too.